Signs That You Paid for Bad Collision Repair

There are numerous auto body shops, and finding the one you can trust with your car is challenging and overwhelming. None of the auto body shops claims to be incompetent. Moreover, an auto body shop can be great but has lazy mechanics who do not deliver services per the customer’s needs. These signs show that you have paid for bad collision repair.

Constant Delays

Delays are typical since something unexpected might come up, which may force your repairs to delay by days or even weeks. On the contrary, there may be delays that are not reasonable at all. So, if your body shop keeps coming up with delays constantly and never meets the deadline, get your car and find a more reliable repair service provider.

Dirty Look

Most times, everybody wants to take their vehicle to an auto body shop with a clean and tidy appearance. When the shop has a clean and presentable appearance, ask them to give you a tour of the facility. Also, the auto body should return your car after a repair while it is clean. On the other hand, if the shop returns your car while dirty, that is a sign that you paid for bad collision repair.

Bad Painting

If your car requires a paintless body repair, the mechanic should use the latest technology to match the color perfectly. However, if the paint looks different than other parts on the car, get your vehicle to a good auto body shop. 


If you initially took your car for repair due to leakages and the problem does not stop, that is a significant sign that you paid for bad collision repair. The water leaks should stop when you take your vehicle for repair.


A good quality auto body shop will not only repair your vehicle but also return it looking brand new. So, if your body shop keeps having these issues, go for another one where you can get the value for your money.

Signs That You Paid for Bad Collision Repair
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